About Cameron Poetzscher

The BeginningCameron Poetzscher

Cameron Poetzscher is mostly known for his business operations in the US and Asian finance sectors where he built his reputation as a creative financial mediator and facilitated complex deals between major international companies. However, his personal and professional story begins in Australia where he was born and raised. Australia is also where he began his academic education and took his first career steps.

Cameron studied for his undergraduate degree at the University of Queensland, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. After graduating he took his first job in finance and began working as a consultant for Booz & Company. This would become Cameron’s first foray into the worlds of deal brokering, strategic consultancy and business operations.

Developing Expertise and Young Minds at HBS

After gaining some experience as a business consultant, Cameron decided to further develop his expertise by deepening his knowledge. He came to the US and began studying for his MBA at Harvard Business School. His time at HBS was a cherished period in his life. In 1995 Poetzscher graduated with distinction and was offered a prestigious position in the finance faculty; he was invited to stay on as a Charles Williams Research Fellow. The position included research and building case studies in a variety of subject areas including hedging, options, underwriting, credit derivatives and liability management. In addition, Poetzscher formulated course material as part of his responsibilities as a teacher’s assistant.

A Stellar 17-Year Career in Finance

After graduating from HBS and completing his fellowship, Cameron moved on to join one of the leading investment banks in the world – Goldman Sachs. He began in the technology, telecom and media division as an associate and then went on to specialize in these markets throughout his career. Poetzscher soon rose through the ranks, becoming vice president and later managing director of the division.

His core areas of focus at Goldman Sachs were mergers and acquisitions (M&A), IPO’s, equity offers and restructuring of distressed assets. Throughout his tenure with Goldman Sachs he led extremely high profile transaction for some of the world’s most prominent companies. Pixar’s purchase by Disney for $7.5 billion, Dreamworks Animation’s IPO and Microsoft’s $1.2 billion acquisition of Fast Search & Transfer are only samples from a much longer list.

Cameron’s time at Goldman Sachs was spread across the US and Asia. In his second stanza with the group, he moved to Singapore where he headed up the M&A division for APAC. His focus grew to include corporate development, sales and marketing and human capital on top of the M&A, IPO and financing sides of the business.

A Fresh Perspective at Uber

After 17 challenging and fruitful years at Goldman Sachs, in which he had succeeded in reaching the pinnacle of the investment banking sector, it was time for a fresh challenge. In 2014, Poetzscher took up the opportunity to join the giant transportation disrupter, Uber. At Uber, Cameron serves as vice president of corporate development. His work is focused mostly on business operations, corporate strategy, M&A and fundraising.